Thursday, April 24, 2014

I know it's been a really long time since we put something on this blog, it's very slack sorry!  So I'm finally putting up photos from the last year starting with those from our wonderful holiday in Australia - we got to see my brother Mike and Simone's new house in the middle of beautiful state forest with kangaroos literally in the backyard. The boys got to see their gorgeous cousins Olive and Odette and I got to hang with my bestie Lisa and her wonderful family.

We drove the great ocean road to Adelaide and on the way stopped at some lovely spots including the 12 apostles and the Naracoorte caves that are over 500,000 years old.   Adelaide was as gorgeous as ever and the apartment was brilliant overlooking the city.  Magic trip and now we miss everyone!


Note kangaroos behind them.

All our favourite little Australians!

12 Apostles



A holiday wouldn't be complete without a trip to the hospital - Tom's finger meets door jam!

Jack in his favourite Adelaide shop - Paul please note wearing Swindon top!

Awesome apartment that had a pool with a glass bottom.



Brother-in-law bonding.



So here are a few million photos of all the things I haven't posted...........................

All White world cup qualifier - or not qualifier as it turned out.....


7's fun

Adrian working hard at the festival.

Some of my brothers and sister get together in Australia.


My gorgeous new niece Odette was born in September.

Proud papa


Another visit to China for me - this is the lovely Shanghai


And the pollution choked Harbin

Back in Beijing

Summer camping at Castlepoint



Tom is always the luckiest fisherman

Adrian finds a nice peaceful spot to fish

All the boys hanging out

Jack as ever with a ball in his hand

Trip to Christchurch

Lovely summer


Tom loves being a cub

Visit from the White-Travis family

Finally - Charlie who just gests fatter!
And big softy Rosie